Meet our Committees - Spring 2019


  • Description: The Cohort Program plans networking events for the UG community to meet while growing in a professional environment and assists in the planning and coordinating of events between different Berkeley Haas communities

  • Led by VP Rani Mavram and Director Shun Lei Shen

  • Committee: Steven Pham, Evan Twigg-Smith, Rebecca Tang, Nikhil Kuppuswamy, Melissa Boyd, Samantha Deng, Jeshua John, Greg Gunadi

Corporate Relations

  • Description: The Corporate Relations Committee creates and maintains meaningful relations with prestigious firms by collaborating with them on campus recruitment and professional development events

  • Led by VP Lavanya Bhalla

  • Committee: Emily Mustoe, Annie Dawon, LeeIvan Huang, Pooja Manyam, Roy Kamineni, Rishi Modi


  • Description: DAC oversees all 15+ Haas Sponsored Organizations to promote collaboration and unity amongst the different organizations

  • Led by VPs Stephanie Li and Nicholas Truong

  • Committee: Julia Mei


  • Description: The Finance Committee efficiently allocates and manages the fiscal resources afforded to HBSA through the active maintenance of all revenue/expense records and HBSA’s bank accounts

  • Led by VPs Harsehaj Singh and Patrick Ong

  • Committee: Claire Ho, David Lu, Justin Li, Danielle Drislane, Keshav Pabbisetty

Internal Affairs

  • Description: The Internal Affairs Committee connects HBSA members through bonding activities, organizes Pre-Haas mentorship for HBSA members, and ensures that HBSA has resources available for building a strong community

  • Led by Director Tiffany Soto

  • Committee: Lin Vuong, Maria Battel, Nikhil Piska, Ru Pei, Lea Karimmasihi


  • Description: Marketing ensures and promotes community engagement by raising awareness of HBSA activities and affairs

  • Led by VPs Annie Wang and Alondra Lopez

  • Committee: Carol He, Grace Kober, Isabella Chin, Kirsten Battle, Noah East, Jon Li, Ethan Tsea, Imani Salazar


  • Description: Help bridge MBA & Alumni communities with the Undergrads

  • Led by VP Riley Chang

  • Committee: Deevy Bhimani, Naier Wang, Neha Dubey, Kevin Zhang, Devin Yuan, Celine Wherritt, Josue Vallecillo, Austin Sun, Ruchi Shah


  • Description: Serve as a Liaison to represent UG program to Alumni members, seniors, and deans, deepen engagement Educate Haas students on the importance of philanthropy towards the greater Haas community

  • Led by VP Gwynevere Hunger

  • Committee: Amal Bhatnagar, Ananya Gupta, Ankur Chadha, Ellen Oh, Andrea Little, Jabin Chambers, Raina Mirza


  • Description: Coordinate all professional development initiatives for the Berkeley Haas Community, such as workshops, career fairs, networking events, and case competitions

  • Led by VP Bobby Gill

  • Committee: Emma Yuan, Ayomide Adeduro, Shan Bal, Kelly Pan, Simran Kaur, Yousuf Husain


  • Description: Enhance the Berkeley Haas experience for current Berkeley Haas students as well as lead the outreach to the Pre-Haas community

  • Led by VP Esther Chian

  • Committee: Ismail Azam, Jarna A Patel, Sofia Montenegro, Catherine Zeng, Rodolfo Pe, Demi Liu, Jasmine Grewal, Maris Gentry, Michael Trehan, Jeshua John, Sefali Shastry, Anna Shim, Adele Shen, Sameer Annamraju


  • Description: Ensure that sustainability becomes a core competency at Haas by creating sustainable initiatives for the school as well as learning opportunities for students

  • Led by VPs Leslie Akin and Kseniya Maiseishyna

  • Committee: Grace Berry, Harrison Fiscus, Shane Puthuparambil, Siyuan Liu, Taylor Ogilvie, Griffen Frye


  • Description: Make the BerkeleyHaas community more informed and connected by innovating the ways we reach and support its online communities

  • Led by VP Andy Kim and Director Ron Thalanki

  • Committee: Amanda Boyd, Dylan Alcantara, Ivee Zhou, Neha Hudait, Yongjun Ahn