HBSA Recruitment - Fall 2019

We are recruiting for associates! Join our team and help us enhance the undergraduate experience here at Haas! Attend our info session and fill out the application today!

2019 Business Club Forum: Wednesday, September 3rd | 6-7:30pm | Haas School of Business: Andersen Auditorium (F295) | Meet our Haas-Sponsored Organizations and learn more about what each one has to offer.

Fall 2019 Recruitment Info Session: Friday, September 6th | 6-8pm | Chou N340 & N344 | Learn more about who we are, what positions are open, and how to apply!

HBSA Associate Application: Due Sunday, September 8th at 11:59pm!

Meet our Committees - Spring 2019


  • Description: The Cohort Program plans networking events for the UG community to meet while growing in a professional environment and assists in the planning and coordinating of events between different Berkeley Haas communities

  • Led by VP Rani Mavram and Director Shun Lei Shen

  • Committee: Steven Pham, Evan Twigg-Smith, Rebecca Tang, Nikhil Kuppuswamy, Melissa Boyd, Samantha Deng, Jeshua John, Greg Gunadi

Corporate Relations

  • Description: The Corporate Relations Committee creates and maintains meaningful relations with prestigious firms by collaborating with them on campus recruitment and professional development events

  • Led by VP Lavanya Bhalla

  • Committee: Emily Mustoe, Annie Dawon, LeeIvan Huang, Pooja Manyam, Roy Kamineni, Rishi Modi


  • Description: DAC oversees all 15+ Haas Sponsored Organizations to promote collaboration and unity amongst the different organizations

  • Led by VPs Stephanie Li and Nicholas Truong

  • Committee: Julia Mei


  • Description: The Finance Committee efficiently allocates and manages the fiscal resources afforded to HBSA through the active maintenance of all revenue/expense records and HBSA’s bank accounts

  • Led by VPs Harsehaj Singh and Patrick Ong

  • Committee: Claire Ho, David Lu, Justin Li, Danielle Drislane, Keshav Pabbisetty

Internal Affairs

  • Description: The Internal Affairs Committee connects HBSA members through bonding activities, organizes Pre-Haas mentorship for HBSA members, and ensures that HBSA has resources available for building a strong community

  • Led by Director Tiffany Soto

  • Committee: Lin Vuong, Maria Battel, Nikhil Piska, Ru Pei, Lea Karimmasihi


  • Description: Marketing ensures and promotes community engagement by raising awareness of HBSA activities and affairs

  • Led by VPs Annie Wang and Alondra Lopez

  • Committee: Carol He, Grace Kober, Isabella Chin, Kirsten Battle, Noah East, Jon Li, Ethan Tsea, Imani Salazar


  • Description: Help bridge MBA & Alumni communities with the Undergrads

  • Led by VP Riley Chang

  • Committee: Deevy Bhimani, Naier Wang, Neha Dubey, Kevin Zhang, Devin Yuan, Celine Wherritt, Josue Vallecillo, Austin Sun, Ruchi Shah


  • Description: Serve as a Liaison to represent UG program to Alumni members, seniors, and deans, deepen engagement Educate Haas students on the importance of philanthropy towards the greater Haas community

  • Led by VP Gwynevere Hunger

  • Committee: Amal Bhatnagar, Ananya Gupta, Ankur Chadha, Ellen Oh, Andrea Little, Jabin Chambers, Raina Mirza


  • Description: Coordinate all professional development initiatives for the Berkeley Haas Community, such as workshops, career fairs, networking events, and case competitions

  • Led by VP Bobby Gill

  • Committee: Emma Yuan, Ayomide Adeduro, Shan Bal, Kelly Pan, Simran Kaur, Yousuf Husain


  • Description: Enhance the Berkeley Haas experience for current Berkeley Haas students as well as lead the outreach to the Pre-Haas community

  • Led by VP Esther Chian

  • Committee: Ismail Azam, Jarna A Patel, Sofia Montenegro, Catherine Zeng, Rodolfo Pe, Demi Liu, Jasmine Grewal, Maris Gentry, Michael Trehan, Jeshua John, Sefali Shastry, Anna Shim, Adele Shen, Sameer Annamraju


  • Description: Ensure that sustainability becomes a core competency at Haas by creating sustainable initiatives for the school as well as learning opportunities for students

  • Led by VPs Leslie Akin and Kseniya Maiseishyna

  • Committee: Grace Berry, Harrison Fiscus, Shane Puthuparambil, Siyuan Liu, Taylor Ogilvie, Griffen Frye


  • Description: Make the BerkeleyHaas community more informed and connected by innovating the ways we reach and support its online communities

  • Led by VP Andy Kim and Director Ron Thalanki

  • Committee: Amanda Boyd, Dylan Alcantara, Ivee Zhou, Neha Hudait, Yongjun Ahn